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Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce - Information about places, events, and resources in the area.


Family Life - A Christian organization helping couples build healthier marriages and families. 

Focus on the Family - A global Christian ministry that helps build thriving marriages that reflect God's design, and equips parents to raise their children according to morals and values grounded in biblical principles.

Homeword seeks to advance the work of God in the world by educating, equipping, and encouraging parents and churches to build God-honoring families from generation to generation. Ministry features Jim Burns. 

All pro Dad is a football related resource for dads. 

Family First's mission is to strengthen the family by establishing family as a top priority in people's lives and by promoting principles for building marriages and raising children. 

LINKS | BOOKS AND RESOURCES – A great place to get just about any Christian book you may be looking for. - God-centered resources from the ministry of John Piper. - Biblical thinking for building healthy churches - Advocating Gospel-centered principles and practices that glorify the Savior and do good to those for whom he shed his life's blood. - Enhancing the ministry and impact of thinking Christians by providing thorough and readable summaries of noteworthy books from Christian publishers. - Books published by InterVarsity. - Public Discourse is an online publication of the Witherspoon Institute that seeks to enhance the public understanding of the moral foundations of free societies by making the scholarship of the fellows and affiliated scholars of the Institute available and accessible to a general audience.

In Radical, David Platt invites you to encounter what Jesus actually said about being his disciple, and then obey what you have heard.

LINKS | ANSWERS - Investigating Faith: Find answers to your faith questions with a former atheist turned Christian apologist. Many answers in video format. - The Apologetics Resources Center, which exists to equip Christians with a culturally relevant apologetic, enabling them to have a deeper level of personal faith, contend for that faith, and to enter arenas of resistance and reclaim ground lost to skepticism, secularism, and other alien philosophies. Publishes Areopagus Journal. - a mega-site providing biblical answers to contemporary questions for all ages and nationalities with over 45-thousand files. - AIIA Institute: Our mission is to persuade people from all walks of life of the truth of Christianity, to assist the Church in doing the same, and to promote understanding and goodwill between Christians and those espousing non-Christian worldviews. - Website of William Lane Craig: providing an articulate, intelligent voice in defense of biblical Christianity in the public square. The website of resources produced by Ravi Zacharias. Intended to touch both the heart and the intellect of the thinkers and opinion-makers of society with the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

LINKS OTHER – This is the website of RBC (Radio Bible Class) Ministries, which has published the devotional “Our Daily Bread” for years, among other resources - Bible Study resources that grow your faith. Grow deeper in God's Word through hundreds of articles and access to the best Christian study resources on the web. - Great site with access to many helpful online versions, translations, and paraphrases, with useful information about each one - The goal of Character That Counts is to communicate the unique and critical message of character (doing right), integrity (being whole through Christ) and accountability (honestly reporting to one another) into our daily lives. - the official website of Christianity Today International. - The website to get to the Dimensions of Faith free courses - excellent resources for deepening knowledge of the Bible, Christianity, and matters of faith.

Need a Laugh?  - Skit Guys deliver a good chuckle and usually a thought provoking message. - Offers a long list of Christian Comedians that are quite entertaining